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Fundraising Ideas


When thinking this season about possible fundraising ideas come sit and talk with us on what we can do to help. This customer brought in this idea and we have helped him see it through for the second year now. We also have fundraising websites that we can help with also. This is great as all you need to do is promote the site and collect a check for your group.

New ad now airing on Radio Mom in Lebanon

Check out our new ad now airing on Radio Mom in Lebanon.  When you are not sure if radio is right for you, come see us and we will be glad to help you decide on how is the best way to spend your marketing dollars.  When we say we are in the marketing business we are all the way in.  We manufacture signs, promotional items, apparel, and we even work with all kinds of media advertising.  No company is the same and some ads work well for some and other opportunities work well for others.  Let us help you tighten in the reigns on your advertising dollars and spend it wisely not blindly.

Fleet vehicles

20150730_231651At Longhorn it doesn’t matter if you have one truck or one hundred  we will take the time that is needed to make sure you are well taken care of.  This job is particularly interesting as the vehicle was in a fender bender and needed to get on the road asap.  As soon as the body shop called we wherexpect on it and got it ready to install at 11pm and have the install truck loaded and ready. We should have this customer on the road by 8 in the morning since we will head out to the job by 6am. We know how important it is for your business to look good and keep moving.