Small Business Special

So just as we are now finished up with the Turkey and stuffing and some are hard at with the shopping carts and lines around the stores shopping, we have some great deals to offer also. One very special offer is we have our business in a box program at HALF off. Yes you heard me we are wanting to reward those hardworking customers out there trying to make that small business succeed. Come in early for the best deal and get the following:

  • 1000 Business Cards
  • 2 – 24″ x 18″ double sided yard signs
  • 1 set of vehicle magnets (24″x12″)
  • 5 – of our LongHorn Strong T’s with FULL color Left Chest and Full Back
  • All of this with YOUR custom logo on it!

All of this for just $99.99 if you get in before 9 am on Black Friday then it is $149.99 till Small Business Saturday 11/26/2016.

Price does not include artwork setup fees or logo design work.


Election results

As we wake this morning some of us are just finding out the results of yesterday’s election. Some of us did not get the candidate that we wanted some us did and some us was hoping for someone different to vote for in the first place. I encourage every citizen out there to put our differences aside from the election and work toward what our country needs. We need to come together as the election is now over and work as a team. It is time that the world has respect for the United States of America and not a fear or hatred for us. usaflag

Get out and VOTE!


No matter who you are for out there it is important that you exercise your right to vote. This is something that many countries only dream of having the ability to do. We must not take this lightly and put in a great deal of thought as we go to the polls. We need to remember that this is not a popularity contest, this is not who has the best dance act or the best singing voice. It is who will lead our local county, state, and country to greatness that once every other county envied. Get out and VOTE!

Vote LongHorn Marketing Group!

Make Signs in America great again only with LongHorn Marketing Group.